Jared Alan Smith is a retired chef and ESE English Instructor from Central Florida who moonlights as a writer and photographer. He believes in the power of well-prepared food, art, and literature to bring diverse populations together, and seeks through his works to bridge contemporary interpersonal divisions on a communal, national, and geopolitical scale.

Panel 1



Bear Market,” Hinchas de Poesia # 19



The Pretender,” Fantastic Floridas

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” Morsels from the Chef (Print)

Acid Raindrops,” The Common

Estranha Forma da Vida,” Bridge Eight



Poetry at the Dali,” Obra / Artifact

Outside Voices: Carmella Guiol & Oye Como Va,” Obra / Artifact

Best Reads of 2016: Reading Lolita in Tehran,” Obra / Artifact

Functional Experimentality: Family Meal at the MFA of the Americas,” Obra / Artifact

Diverse Systems of Throb: AWP 2017,” Obra / Artifact

Motherfucker: A Lesson in Ethics,” Obra / Artifact



Blue In The Face,” The Common